Instagram testing out groupings for accounts you follow

If you follow a lot of accounts on Instagram, it can sometimes be tedious to just clear your list of accounts you don’t really interact with or those that you just gave a courtesy follow. Well, if you have lots of time on your hands, then it’s something you can do occasionally. But if not, this new thing that Instagram seems to be testing out can be useful. Constant and reliable tipster Jane Manchun Wong tweeted screencaps of a feature that would let you group accounts you follow, some automatic, some according to your preference.

The screencaps that Wong tweeted showed that Instagram may soon let you group accounts that you follow to make it easier to manage them. It seems pretty similar to Twitter lists, although we can’t see from the post whether you can see a feed based on the accounts that are in the groups or it’s just a group that just lists down the various accounts that fit into that group you created or that was automatically created for you.

It looks like there are some automatic groups based on your interactions with the accounts for the past 90 days. There’s a “Least interacted with” list where you can probably see those that you gave a “courtesy” follow because you met them at an event or something. That should make it easier for you to unfollow accounts that you don’t really want to follow or inactive accounts that don’t do anything. There’s also a “Most shown in feed” so you can see which ones you’re most actively engaging with.

You can also supposedly create lists based on interests like Arts, Comics, Travel, etc. It would be better if this list would show an actual feed because ever since Instagram changed the algorithm and especially if you follow a lot of accounts, there are some posts you may miss. We’ll probably know more about the groups / lists if we see more screenshots later on.

As always though, we may not even see this feature anytime soon or ever since they’re just testing it out. But it will of course be pretty useful for us so hopefully they will indeed bring something like this to Instagram.

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