Instagram testing out Group Stories after Facebook “fail”

Some of you may probably remember that Facebook was testing out a Group Stories feature a few months ago. Apparently, they may have permanently shut it down last month although no reason was given. It looks like they may have been moving the feature to Instagram as noted tipster Jane Manchun Wong has spotted that they are testing out a similar thing on Instagram right now. It looks like a more granular version of the Close Friends feature that is currently available on the social network.

Wong shared some screenshots on her Twitter showing a Group Stories feature on Instagram. Basically what will happen is that when you’re creating a story, you will see a new option called “Share to Group Story”. This will then be visible only to those that are part of that group thread. Even though you now have the Close Friends feature which lets you choose who will see your Stories, this is a more “refined” version of it.

You’ll be able to create different groups of courses and then choose which ones you want to see your story. This can also be useful if you and the members are attending the same event or are in the same vacation or something. It can also be used for special interest groups so you can post content that will appeal or be interesting only for those part of that group. Think of it as curated stories for specific eyes only.

But before you get all excited about that, remember that Facebook was testing it out earlier this year but eventually decided not to push through with it. Though they’re probably thinking this feature may be more successful in Instagram because of the popularity of Stories, they may still decided later on to not push through with it.

For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with the option of posting Stories for everyone who follows you or only for your Close Friends. We’ll update you later on if this ever goes to beta or to a regular rollout.

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