Instagram Stories stickers to help small businesses direct people to products

One sector that has been greatly affected by the economic fallout from the COVID-10 pandemic are the small businesses that cannot fully operate during these times. Their movements and their actual place of business may be limited due to various protocols in place. Facebook knows that a huge number of businesses on their platform are small businesses and so now they’re introducing new stickers on Instagram to help them out in terms of promotion and bringing people to their products.

Instagram will soon let businesses and creator accounts post new stickers on their Stories and their profiles that will point people directly to their website. The new stickers are specifically for gift cards, food orders, as well as fundraising efforts for various causes. When users tap on the stickers, they will be redirected to the business’ own site where they can complete the food order or buy the gift card that can be used later on.

If it’s a fundraiser that the business or creator is promoting, users will be redirected to Facebook if the fundraiser was created there. Facebook has a whole section there where you can create fundraisers either for charitable organizations or for personal causes. The fundraiser sticker for Stories is directly connected there so if you’re hosting it somewhere else, you’ll probably have to link the old fashioned way.

The stickers can also be added to the business profiles as a permanent button which can be seen beside the Contact and Message buttons. Hovering over Gift Cards, Food Order, or Fundraiser will have a “Support this account during COVID-19” text. Users who see the stickers can share them in their own stories to amplify the promotion. And since a lot of people are spending their time scrolling through Stories now, this can be seen more than in the regular posts.

Gift cards and food orders stickers are now available in the US and Canada but they will be rolling it out globally soon. The fundraiser stickers “will be coming soon”.

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