Instagram stops promoting recycled TikTok videos in Reels

When Instagram launched Reels back in August, everyone saw it as a direct response to TikTok – clearly the fastest growing social network at this moment. Both platforms provide a similar service, and content creators took it as a low-effort-high-reward attempt to post one video on two different apps.

Starting today, Instagram decided to punish some of the laziest creators and influencers and has announced that it will stop promoting Reels with a watermark – something that can be seen on all TikTok videos.

Instagram Reels Dos and Dont's
Instagram Reels Dos and Dont's

Instagram Reels Dos and Dont’s

In a cheerful (but actually snarky) post through its Creators account, Instagram posted some Tips for getting discovered through the Reels tab – a section that was introduced back in November. Obviously, the platform reminds videos should be “entertaining and fun,” “inspiring,” and obviously shot vertically.

What Instagram does not want is users to post blurry low-res videos, recycled short clips from other platforms, and ones with a border around them. While they won’t be promoted through Reels, they will still be available on the Profile tab and will appear in followers’ Feed. These social media entertainers should stick to music from the Instagram music library or original audio found on Reels.


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