Instagram rolls out pinned comments to all users

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Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram can sometimes be a ray of sunshine compared the combative nature of the social networks. There are still some trolls and naysayers, but there are also a lot of positive and encouraging comments. The Facebook-owned app started testing a feature back in May of this year to highlight those nice comments that people get on their posts. Now they’re rolling out the pinned comments to all users so you can show off those great comments that you get on some of your posts.

Instagram’s Vice President of Product Vishal Shah and then eventually the Instagram account on Twitter posted about rolling out pinned comments to everyone. “By highlighting positive comments, you can better manage the tone of the conversation,” he tweeted. This is one of the features that they have previously introduced to help influencers, content creators, and regular users to limit the bullying that some experience on the app.

Once the feature has rolled out to you already, tap on one of your Instagram posts and go to the comments section. When you find a comment you want to highlight, swipe to the left or long press on it and tap the thumbtack icon. It will then move up to the top of the comments and will be labelled “Pinned” so people know. You are allowed to pin up to 3 comments on each post so choose “wisely”. You’ll receive a notification if you try to pin something but you’ve already reached your limit.

You can also swap out pinned posts by unpinning one if you’ve reached the limit. Again, swipe to the left or long press and then tap on the thumbtack icon again to unpin. The user will receive a notification if you pin their comment. This may be one of the ways to “incentivize” people to leave nice comments, especially for influencers and creators. But it should also make you more careful about which comment to pin as it would also reflect on what kind of conversation you want to have about your post.

Update your Instagram to the latest version and see if you now have the ability to pin posts. Let’s see if this can change the landscape of the conversations within the app.

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