Instagram gets dark mode, supports Android Pie Night mode on Galaxy devices

With Android 10 having officially released for Google’s Pixel smartphones a few weeks ago, various third-party apps are being updated Android 10’s dark mode feature. Instagram is one of the major apps on the platform that have made the switch to a dark theme, and after testing the dark theme through the beta version, Instagram has now brought the feature to the stable version of the app. And, like the Google Play Store, the Instagram dark mode works great on Galaxy devices running Android Pie.Yes, you don’t need to wait for Android 10 to enjoy Instagram’s dark theme on your Galaxy device. And, unlike Google’s apps, Instagram has mostly an actual black background, so it’s great for the Super AMOLED displays on Samsung devices. Instagram doesn’t offer a setting for manually switching between a light and dark theme – it changes the theme based on whether Night mode is enabled on a device. If you always have Night mode turned on, there’s no way to escape Instagram’s dark theme with the latest version of the app whether you like the dark interface or not.What’s your opinion on Instagram’s new dark theme? Are you enjoying it on your Galaxy smartphone or tablet? On the off chance that you don’t know the Night mode on your device, you can check out this guide to find out how you can enable (or disable) it.

instagram dark mode theme

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