INSTA360 GO 2 announced, ready for hard-to-reach POV shots

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INSTA360 GO 2 Launch

Insta360 has long been a trusted brand when it comes to action cameras. We were introduced to the first model in 2016. Back then, the Insta360 Air let you capture memories and images in the round. Different versions have been released in the past few years. There’s the Insta360 Pro certified by Google as a ‘Street View Auto Ready’ camera. There’s also the Insta360 ONE and just a few months ago, the Insta360 ONE X2 launching with a full-color touchscreen for preview.

Today, the company has announced the Insta360 GO 2. It’s another flagship camera that is now considered as the smallest action camera in the world. It’s very light at only 27 grams and is about the size of one’s thumb. The small size enables unbeatable stabilization as described.

The small action camera can capture high-res videos. It allows hands-free recording even from different perspectives. It doesn’t need any bulky accessory like a traditional camera. It’s very small, you may even forget you are using one.

The INSTA360 GO 2 is waterproof. It also comes with replaceable protective lens. It comes with a multi-purpose Charge Case. You can choose different mounting accessories from a special selection.

The INSTA360 GO 2 sticks to anything. It’s very small yet powerful with the built-in magnet pairs. You can wear it with a Magnet Pendant or Easy Clip. The latter can be attached to a headband or your cap or anything to achieve a POV shot.

When it comes to imaging, there is a 1/2.3” image sensor that can capture detailed, crisp, and clear images–ultra-wide angle shots or 1440p videos. It offers horizon leveling algorithms and FlowState stabilization to eliminate rolls, bumps, and shake.

FlowState stabilization lets you to do anything you want to do–jump, run, or ride. Doing so allows cool footages. It’s like having a premium gimbal. When you need extra power, the Charge Case saves the day. The device can last up to 150 minutes (about 2.5 hours) on a single charge.

The GO 2’s case also works as a remote, tripod, and a handheld grip. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity for easy control. It’s also IPX8 waterproof which means it is the perfect camera to bring when you want to go surfing. Of course, it works with a special compatible app.

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