Infographic: 11 generations of Galaxy S flagships

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We’re at the eve of the announcement of Samsung’s 11th generation Galaxy S – the Galaxy S20. This is a very important product launch for Samsung as it’s the first Galaxy S phone in the new decade (hence the jump from 10 to 20) and a phone that will be faced with a slowing market that’s nonetheless full of capable competitors.

Not to mention that the new Galaxy S trio will carry Samsung’s banner into battle until the Galaxy Note arrives in the fall.

So let’s put the big Galaxy S line in perspective with this infographic courtesy of gadgetsdeck. It goes through the Galaxy S from June of 2010 all the way through to the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra that will take the stage on February 11.

It’s a neatly laid out list of the Galaxy S phones through the years along with their key specs and advancements.
Infographic: 11 generations of Galaxy S flagships
We’ve done our own walkthrough of the Galaxy S lineup leading up to the Galaxy S9 – part 1 and 2 – which we’ll update in time to add the newer members. Meanwhile feel free to hit the comments sections with your favorite moments of the Galaxy S history.


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