IKEA Sjomake is a wireless charger you can hide under a desk

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Wireless charging has become a convenient way to juice up your devices but sometimes you don’t want a charging pad messing up your desk aesthetic. IKEA is bringing a new device that will make it easy to hide one under your desk or night table. The Sjömäke wireless pad is created to be hidden from plain sight but still allow Qi-supported wireless charging through the surface, as long as it’s 3/8 to 7/8 inches thick and it’s not made from metal.

For anyone that’s familiar with IKEA products, it’s not the Swedish furniture and accessories company’s first foray into integrating wireless charging into its products. They started back in 2018 by adding Qi support built into charging pads on their tables, lamps, and other furniture. There were also circular cut-outs in their tabletops so you can slot in the pad there to conveniently charge your devices. This time around though, it’s meant to be “invisible” above the surface.

The Sjömäke is a device that you attach under your night table or desk by mounting it with the double-sided tape that comes with the device. There are also screws included if you prefer it to be more secure. There’s a six foot long cable that you need to plug in to the nearest outlet for it to work of course. There are also optional stickers that you can place on top of the surface so you know where’s the best place to put your smartphone or other devices so they’ll charge properly.

The pad itself looks like any other wireless charging pad but since it’s meant to be hidden, that shouldn’t really matter. There’s an LED indicator to show whether or not it’s charging but you’ll have to take a peek under to see it of course. There should be at least 8mm between the pad and your device as per the user manual. Charging rate is around 5W so you can leave your phone there while working or even while sleeping.

The IKEA Sjömäke is priced at $39.99 but it’s not yet available for purchase. It should go on sale by October in the US and other international stores. It will be available in both the online and physical locations.

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