iFixit teardown shows Galaxy Fold will be difficult to repair

Being a foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold features a complex design with protective display layers and intricate hinges. Naturally, all of this makes it a delicate device to use, lacking IP protection and requiring additional care. Adding to the list of concerns, a detailed iFixit teardown shows the Fold will be a very difficult device to repair.Samsung’s foldable smartphone received a mere 2 out of 10 in the iFixit repairability score, placing it way below all other Galaxy devices. Listing out its reasons for the low score, the publication notes that the mechanics involved in the device are likely to wear over time and will probably require replacing the hinges and display down the line.The teardown also shows a fragile main display, which throws up the possibility of a pricey repair. Battery replacements are possible, but not easy and carry a risk of damage to the display. On the plus side, the teardown shows many of the components can be replaced independently as they are modular.Clearly, the Galaxy Fold requires a significant financial commitment that goes beyond the price tag of the device. To address some of these concerns, the Galaxy Fold comes with a one-year Infinity Flex Display Protection that offers display repairs at a discounted price. While it provides peace of mind to customers during the warranty period, questions remain about the long-term repair costs of the device.

Galaxy Fold

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