If the Galaxy Z Flip 2 looks like this, who wouldn’t want to buy one!

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Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip last year. It was very well received even after the troubles of the original Galaxy Fold. Samsung had made a great decision to opt for the clamshell form factor. The sequel to this popular handset is now highly anticipated.

The company is due to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 2 in the coming months. Not much has been revealed about the device so far. A new concept provides us with an idea of what the Galaxy Z Flip 2 may look like. If it looks like this, who wouldn’t want one!

Galaxy Z Flip 2 concept sparks the imagination

The Galaxy Z Flip is already one of Samsung’s best phones by virtue of its design. Samsung ought to refine it further with the second generation to provide a product that’s truly in a class of its own.

This concept shows us the familiar form factor adorned with the Contour Cut camera housing that was introduced with the Galaxy S21 series. The subtle curves and the way the housing tapers off makes the device appear sleek and modern. The matching and contrast color combinations for the hinge will make it look more stylish as well.

It envisages a larger cover display than the original handset’s 1.1-inch AMOLED screen. Reports do suggest that both the cover and the internal foldable display might be a bit larger than the predecessor. That’s going to be a welcome change.

Samsung will certainly be making some design changes to the device. It needs to accommodate some internal changes, after all. We exclusively revealed yesterday that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will both feature an IP rating. This will be a first for foldable smartphones.

The company hasn’t revealed as yet when it’s planning on unveiling the new foldable phones. A report claims that they will be launched in July this year.

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