If the Galaxy Watch 3 is excessive, keep the rumored Galaxy Fit 2 in mind

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Samsung will reveal the Galaxy Watch 3 at Galaxy Unpacked 2020, that much is certain judging by all of the company’s official teasers. In fact, quite a few Galaxy devices will be unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked in a couple of days, but one device that remains largely a mystery is the apparent sequel to the Galaxy Fit. It’s been pushed to the side by all the other major leaks and it might not make the stage at Galaxy Unpacked 2020, but nevertheless, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Samsung is brewing up a new fitness tracker for a 2020 release.As some of you might recall, the so-called SM-R220 has been approved by various regulatory agencies over the past few weeks, including South Korea’s NRRA, the FCC, and Bluetooth SIG. This doesn’t always guarantee an imminent launch, but it’s worth noting that the original Galaxy Fit was released a little over a year ago and, as of this writing, the product is no longer available for purchase from Samsung USA (screenshot below).

The fact that there hasn’t been any buzz lately around the tentatively-named Galaxy Fit 2 suggests that the wearable might not be planned for a reveal at Galaxy Unpacked 2020. However, given that the original Galaxy Fit is no longer on sale and considering the regulatory approvals amassed by the SM-R220, Samsung might be aiming to release this unannounced product by the end of the year or maybe even around the holiday shopping season.With that in mind, if you’re looking to buy a new wearable with fitness capabilities from Samsung in the coming months, the Galaxy Watch 3 might not be your only, or even the best option if you’re mainly interested in fitness tracking and/or you don’t feel like spending too much money on a smartwatch.Then again, there’s little known about the so-called Galaxy Fit 2 and there’s always a chance that Samsung will change its mind on a product before it has a proper chance on the market. So perhaps you shouldn’t set any plans in stone based on these recent events. You probably can’t go wrong with the Galaxy Watch 3 if you can’t wait until more details on the Galaxy Fit 2 emerge; but if you’re not in a rush, keep your eyes peeled and you might be able to buy a brand-new Samsung fitness tracker by the end of the year.

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