IAM Software: Auth0 vs. Okta

Identity and access management (IAM) software enables you to specify the people (employees) and identities (people, software, and hardware like Internet of Things and robotics devices) in your organization that can access resources and services and under what conditions.

Given the number of heterogeneous technology environments we are growingly employing, IAM is a vital undertaking for any organization. IAM solutions ensure appropriate access to resources and services and help meet increasingly meticulous compliance requirements.

Organizations that develop sophisticated IAM capabilities can become more fluid in supporting up-and-coming business initiatives and reduce their identity management expenditure.

The benefits of incorporating an IAM tool include:

  • Policy-based access privileges for all identities
  • Greater control of user access reduces the risk of sensitive data leaks
  • Automating IAM software enables organizations to operate in a more efficient manner
  • An IAM framework makes policy enforcement easier
  • IAM solutions improve regulatory compliance

Read on to learn what Auth0 and Okta have to offer.

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Auth0 is a relatively easy-to-use authorization and adaptable authentication platform. The solution’s features include universal login, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), serverless extensibility, secure machine-to-machine communication and passwordless authentication. 

Key Differentiators 

  • Auth0 offers access management, extensibility, security, user management, and authentication platforms.
  • Universal login enables you to orchestrate SSO between multiple applications. 
  • SSO, whether through password authentication, username, social login, or enterprise federation, enables users to login once and access all the applications they are authorized to use.
  • Post-login, you can leverage Step-Up MFA to ensure users authenticate using a stronger authentication method when they try to access restricted areas of applications. 
  • Simplify authentication, authorization and communication between application programming interfaces (APIs) and trusted services.
  • Serverless extensibility enables you to easily customize and extend Auth0.
  • Passwordless authentication sets you free from passwords and promotes a frictionless, secure experience for all. 
  • The solution provides optimized login capabilities for retail, finance, publishing, B2B Software as a Service, travel, and healthcare use cases.

Pricing: Auth0 offers a free plan for up to 7,000 active users, an option to build a custom use case, a B2C plan for small teams at $23/month, a B2C plan for mid-sized teams at $240/month, and an enterprise version. Contact an Auth0 expert for further details. 


Okta is an IAM platform for your customers and employees that enables you to take innovation to the next level. Customer identity and workforce identity capabilities help secure digital interactions with your customers and employees. The platform offers several features, including SSO, MFA, universal directory, advanced server access, and API access management. 

Key Differentiators 

  • With a network of over 7,000 pre-built integrations (including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Slack, Box, Workday, Zendesk, Confluence, and DocuSign), you can implement SSO to cloud applications in a matter of weeks. 
  • A universal directory for all users, groups, and devices provides a solitary, consolidated view.
  • Dynamic service access management brings identity to your modern server infrastructure. 
  • API access management capabilities enable you to extend authorization and authentication policies to APIs.
  • Adaptive MFA provides secure, intelligent access to accounts and applications. MFA protects accounts from fraud and credential theft and safeguards enterprise and customer-facing applications that store sensitive data. 
  • A strong user authentication system protects your customer data.
  • User management capabilities enable you to give customers personalized experiences by collecting, storing, and managing user profile data at scale.
  • You can seamlessly connect customer, partner, and vendor identities. 
  • Automated access management saves time and money and promotes efficiency. Lifecycle management capabilities enable you to manage provisioning with automation.
  • Other features include centralized access management, intelligent security, and Okta Workflows. With Okta Workflows, you can automate identity processes at scale.

Pricing: Contact the Okta sales team for pricing information. Alternatively, you can start a free trial by filling out a simple form. 

Auth0 vs. Okta

Here is how Auth0 and Okta stand when compared to each other:

Features Auth0 Okta
Ability to Understand Needs
Pricing Flexibility
Ease of Deployment
Availability of Third-party Resources
Ease of Integration Using Standard Tools and APIs
Quality of End-user Training
User Authentication
Coarse and Fine-grained Authorization Control
Access Policy Decision Making and Enforcement 
Access Policy Management
Session Management
Service and Support
Willingness to Recommend
Overall Capability Score

Choosing IAM Software

While Okta is a superior solution, Auth0 has its own charm. Both software offer a vast selection of features and merits for further consideration. Visit their respective websites, explore pricing options, read honest customer reviews, and select an IAM solution duly.

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