Huawei’s waiver to get 6-month extension

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Huawei has been officially banned from trading with US companies since May. Back then, the mobile equipment manufacturer was added to the US Bureau of Industry and Security’s Entity List, meaning American businesses cannot sell goods to it.

Huawei is looking at another extension of the export waiver

After some time of uncertainty, Huawei received a three-month export waiver, meaning it remains on the list, but US-based companies can still carry out trading with some limitations. Now, the Shenzhen phone maker is looking at another six months of extension.

A spokesperson of the US Commerce Department declined to comment whether the waiver will be extended, but Politico reminded that several rural telecommunications providers are working with Huawei and the ban would seriously hurt their operation. Huawei is looking at another extension of the export waiver

The temporary export license does not cover companies like Intel, Qualcomm, and Micron since their business relationship classifies as “a national security issue”. Representatives from California have already voiced concerns that such a ban only gives an advantage to competitors from South Korea and Taiwan, which are Samsung and Mediatek.


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