Huawei will bring a $150 5G phone by year’s end or early 2021

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Huawei is working to deliver a 5G phone at an about CNY 1028 (around $150) price by this year’s end, or early next year.

At the moment the cheapest 5G phone costs CNY 2,000 (around $290) but most command a price of CNY 3,000 (~$430) or higher, so a phone for around CNY 1,000 would enable a lot more people to experience 5G.
Huawei will bring a $150 5G phone by year's end or early 2021
The recently-unveiled MediaTek 1000L and Qualcomm Snapdradon 765G chipsets with optional 5G modem integration should allow 5G connectivity on a number of midrangers. Up until this point 5G connectivity was mostly a flagship-exclusive feature.

Huawei and Samsung will spearhead 5G adoption in 2020, until Apple joins the market. In 2019 Samsung reportedly shipped some 6.7M 5G-equipped devices, while Huawei reportedly outdid it with 6.9M.


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