Huawei to exclude chargers from future phone packages

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Huawei removes chargers

We await the fate of Huawei. We know the Chinese OEM is not bidding goodbye to the mobile business soon but the company needs to make some important changes when it comes to business strategy. We’ve been anticipating for the next-gen Huawei P50 series and we believe the brand’s situation isn’t about to change. It’s still fighting. It filed a lawsuit over national security threat tag by the FCC. Even with President Biden taking office, the tech giant’s future is still unclear.

One important decision that will probably impact the business is Huawei removing the charger from the phone package. It appears Huawei is following Apple and try to be more environment-friendly too.

Apple has already saved money not offering chargers. A source said it’s worth seven million dollars. Xiaomi and Samsung also followed and received backlash.

Huawei is doing the same. It will no longer put charger or charging adapter in the box of new phones. But then the reason may not exactly be “green”. Rumor has it is because there is shortage of charging chips. The Huawei Mate 40 series and the Huawei Nova 8 may no longer come with charging adapters.

Huawei will still sell chargers separately. The next Huawei P50 series may already exclude the charging adapters. We’re not sure when the new Huawei premium flagship smartphones will be unveiled but we believe very soon. We’ve seen image renders already, showing massive cameras including a Sony IMX800 1-inch mobile camera sensor.

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