Huawei posts two Mate 30 teaser videos, hints at charging and camera improvements

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Huawei posted two teaser videos for the upcoming Mate 30 models. They aim to keep the excitement high after the company unveiled the Kirin 990 and its 5G versions at IFA – those are the chipsets that will power the new flagships.

The videos are filled with vague inspirational messages, based on the “Rethink possibilities” slogan. The most interesting part of the first video is the camera lens at the end, which has focal lengths listed as 20-35mm. We wouldn’t read too much into that, however, as those don’t match with the expected focal lengths of the cameras on the new phones.

The second video is longer and less vague. It seems to tease a mix of fast wireless charging and camera performance in low-light. Plus a slow-motion feature, perhaps enabled by the Kirin 990 (which is the first HiSilicon chipset capable of 4K/60 video capture, its slow-mo capabilities are still to be announced).

As awesome as the new camera and chipset may be, Huawei will have to address the major issue of software – it won’t have access to Google’s Play Services. That will be the question on everyone’s lips during the September 19 event in Munich.

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