Huawei Media Services coming to India,OPPO also working with devs

Huawei is serious about taking over the mobile market even without the help of Google. That may be possible but will take time and effort. Since Android can no longer be used on Huawei devices, the top Chinese OEM has to think of ways on how to make mobile users still want Huawei smartphones. There’s already the HarmonyOS but at the moment, it’s not enough to attract new fans. Like OPPO, Huawei has also started to work with India developers to make apps and programs that would run on their phones.

The said program offers incentives to developers who will introduce programs and apps that work. Instead of the Google Media Services, Huawei and Honor phones will have the Huawei Media Services (HMS). It’s not final yet but we’re expecting key apps will be enough for Huawei or Honor phones to run like normal Android phones.

Honor is working by discussing with 150 top apps developers to come up with their HMS version. This is what Huawei and Honor India CEO Charles Peng has to say, “We have our own HMS and are trying to build a mobile ecosystem. Most of the key apps such as navigation, payments, gaming and messaging will be ready by December end.”

Any phone not supported by Google’s GMS may use HMS. Huawei HQ is closely working with Chinese and Indian developers. It will start small like 100 to 150 apps but that’s better than nothing.

The incentive is around up to $17,000 on apps integration with HMS in India. As for OPPO, it will use $143 million next year to support developers around the world.

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