Huawei Mate X2 design patent revealed, filed before EUIPO

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The mobile world is still anticipating for the Huawei Mate X but it seems the top Chinese OEM has been quiet about the phone. Our last mention was that the Huawei Mate X foldable display is not so sturdy as well. The device has sold many units in China but we have yet to know if it is available anywhere else. But then we started discussing the next-gen Mate X. We first mentioned the possibility of a Huawei Mate Xs as an upgraded Mate X foldable phone coming to MWC 2020 and looks like it may happen soon.

Huawei has been mysterious about its foldable phone offering. Some people may still be asking if foldable phones are worth your money. The answer really depends on who you are asking.

As for the Huawei Mate X2, the phone is believed to look more like the Huawei Mate X but with major improvements. It may not launch anytime soon but in the third quarter of this year. That means the Huawei Mate Xs is still a possibility and may be different from the X2.

At the EUIPO, Huawei is believed to have filed for a new design patent. The design may also be different from the inverted book design of the first Huawei foldable phone. A horizontally folding device can be expected. When opened it turns into a bigger but almost square-shaped tablet.

The fold may be like the Samsung Galaxy Fold–inwards and not outwards. Other features may possibly include a quad-rear camera setup, dual selfie cameras, and a vertical side-bar. Compared to the Mate X that has three rear shooters, the Mate X2 may have four.

The vertical sidebar mentioned could carry the planned stylus. There is no confirmation on a Huawei Mate X coming with a stylus but the idea could be something like the Galaxy Note series. No other information on the specs but the images show the curved corners.

It can be assumed though the foldable device will run on Kirin 990 5G processor. The original Mate X runs on Kirin 980 chipset so an upgrade can be expected. The 5G support will still be there.

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