Huawei Mate X rollable phone design patent sighted

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Huawei Rollable Phone

The Huawei Mate X series is still alive. We are not sure though when the Huawei Mate X3 may be released bu a recent patent tells us there may be a rollable phone from Huawei. A Huawei Mate X rollable smartphone is not really a fresh idea. We heard about this last year. It seems unconventional phones is now getting noticed and actually developed from being just concepts and prototypes. Apart from Huawei, other OEMs have also started designing their rollable phones like Vivo, TCL, and OPPO. LG also introduced something “rollable” but as we all know, the South Korean brand has bid goodbye to the mobile business.

At the moment, OPPO is on top of the game when it comes to rollable phones. We say that because it was shown off in a hands-on video tour. It was showcased once again earlier this year. The Vivo NEX series may also bring foldable and rollable phones.

This concept Huawei foldable phone features a large plastic OLED screen that wraps around the front and some portion of the rear. The part with no display has the camera system.

This Huawei Mate rollable phone may not rival the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series but it could be a first of its own kind. Huawei knows innovation and could actually bring interesting concepts to reality so it’s possible the Chinese OEM could deliver.

The new patent tells us how the crease may be avoided. There will be two magnets– below and above the roller. The rolled then opens to become a bigger tablet. The display will be pulled flat by the magnets.

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