Huawei Mate X 2 foldable phone may arrive with a stylus

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After the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s relaunch in the United States this weekend, expect Huawei to make a similar announcement soon regarding the Mate X. It’s actually happening next month in China. Obviously, no US release for the Huawei foldable phone. We’re also not sure if the Mate X will reach other markets. We’re just curious about what platform it will really run. But more than that, we want to know if the Huawei Mate X will not be damaged after a few tries.

Huawei is already working on the second-gen model which may even come with a stylus pen. There is no announcement or confirmation yet but we’ve seen an earlier patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). After a few months, just yesterday, the same patent was then added to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database.

The document presents a new foldable phone that looks like the original Huawei Mate X. It comes with a stylus though so you can say it can also rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note series in the future. But then again, this is only a concept.

The patent image we have today shows a foldable phone design with a compartment that will hold a stylus. It’s placed on the side of one fold. Actually, the storage is inside the fold (underside). This will probably be called the Huawei Mate X 2.

A premium phone with a stylus is nothing new to Huawei. The Huawei Mate 20 X gaming phone came with the M-Pen was introduced last year. A foldable smartphone with a stylus may just be more interesting but it can be a real challenge for Huawei especially now that it may not have Android. Let’s just wait and see if the mobile OS on the Mate 30 series will work. Then we can say the Mate X 2 has the potential to become popular.

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