Huawei explains how it achieved 7,680fps slow-motion video capture

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The Huawei Mate 30 Pro boasts 7,680fps slow-motion video capture, far exceeding what other smartphones can do (that’s 8x the frame rate of a 960fps video). Huawei exec Bruce Lee detailed how his team pulled off this feat.

The phone records 0.12 seconds of footage, which then expands to 32 seconds of 30fps slow-mo video. That’s 945 frames captured at 720p resolution. That stresses the whole chipset as ISP, CPU, GPU and NPU rush to process the data.

However, human reflexes aren’t nearly fast enough to pick the best time to start recording. Instead the NPU analyzes 1 second of video using an AI algorithm to select when to start the 0.12 second clip (this whole process gobbles up 2GB of RAM).

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