Huawei considers selling its 5G business

In a recent interview, Huawei’s CEO revealed that the company is looking into the option of selling its 5G assets. He also added that Huawei would be looking for a buyer based outside of Asia, somewhere in the West.

Huawei considerds selling its 5G business

There are no targeted buyers for now, though. It could be an existing tech company or an entirely new entity, but one thing is for sure – the buyer will be free to modify key elements and block access to products as he pleases. Huawei will give full access to its 5G portfolio of licenses, code, blueprints and production expertise.

As for now, the price of the 5G business is not disclosed. In fact, it seems that Huawei is still only looking into the option of selling, so it’s not set in stone. Surely, the reason for selling its 5G business has something to do with the US ban even though it looks as if the Chinese tech giant is doing pretty well in the 5G market.


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