Huawei committed to Honor brand, dismisses Kuo’s speculations of a sale

ITHome cited analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a report, which claimed that Huawei is “very likely” to sell the Honor brand. The justification for this is clear – under new ownership Honor will not be subject to the trade bans enforced by the US.

This will allow it to buy chipsets and other hardware from suppliers that are currently barred from selling to Huawei (and by extension Honor). It will even unleash the brand, allowing it to build flagships – while it has high-end devices now, for every Honor phone there is a more premium Huawei alternative.

Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Huawei ''very likely'' to sell Honor, however the report got pulled

Kuo points out that such a move will be good for Honor, but also component suppliers as well as the electronics industry in China as a whole. But there might be a kink in that plan.

For starters, ITHome has pulled the report. Also, comments have sprung up on Weibo saying that Huawei employees are refuting Kuo’s claims. The analyst is normally very reliable in his predictions, but this looks to be a rare miss.

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