Huawei begins incorporating certain Android 11 features in EMUI 11

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Ongoing US trade restrictions have capped the growth of Huawei but the Chinese smartphone maker is not bogging down. An example of this is the launch of new Huawei earphones, smartwatches, and notebooks in the past week. Now we learn that Huawei will be incorporating some features of Android 11 in the company’s own EMUI 11 operating system.

Apparently the Chinese tech giant did not have access to Android 11 codebase earlier, thanks for the trade sanctions, now that Google OS is officially open-sourced, the company has the access and would leverage from it. EMUI 11, for now, is based on Android 10 and it is yet to take advantage of the new operating system from Google.

As a Huawei fanboy, you’d want to know when EMUI will be built on top of Android 11 – information is scarce on this. Android Authority however learns through a Huawei spokesperson that it will “selectively incorporate some of its (Android 11) features into EMUI 11.” There is no information yet on what these features would be.

While other companies including Google, Realme, Xiaomi, OPPO have already begun rolling out Android 11 for its phones, Huawei seems in no hurry to jump into the bandwagon with its customized software. Huawei outlines features such as its proprietary GPU Turbo technology to boast EMUI of being ahead of Android in many aspects, which means there is still time before you start receiving Android 11 features in EMUI 11.

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