HTC’s Viveport Infinity unlimited subscription service could deliver a much-needed boost to the consumer virtual reality market. 

The service, which was announced at CES 2019 with the upcoming Vive Cosmos headset, allows subscribers to download any of the more than 600 games and apps currently available in the Viveport store.  

Subscribers will have the option to pay $13 a month for access or prepay an entire year for $99. Membership will include additional perks such as “weekend deals on select titles, free title giveaways, and monthly coupons,” according to the announcement.

Along with the considerable investment in necessary hardware, the availability of quality VR content has been a roadblock to widespread adoption. To help with the content part, HTC launched the Viveport Subscription service in 2017 for Vive headset owners that gives subscribers access to up to five titles at a time for $9 a month. The service was expanded to support rival Oculus Rift headsets  in Aug. 2018 and the upgraded service works for both Vive and Oculus users. 

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New Viveport customers can sign up anytime for a free 2-week membership to the Infinity service. Current subscribers to the Viveport Subscription service as well as those with prepaid memberships will be upgraded to the Infinity service at no additional charge through 2019. 

Also, to encourage developers to crank out more titles, Viveport increased revenue shares for developers to 80/20 up from 70/30 starting April 1 through 2019. It applies to all titles in the Viveport Infinity service. 

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