HTC foldable smartphone design, image renders surface

HTC Foldable Smartphone

HTC isn’t going away anytime soon. The company is still in the market and we know it will still remain. However, we have no idea if it can last longer in the mobile game. It has been releasing new phones but not one has really become a bestseller. Perhaps the smartphone arena isn’t a priority right now but there is always hope and yes, anything is possible. The previous CEO already left the company so we can expect changes and improvements may be made public.

We highly doubt a foldable phone may be introduced by the Taiwanese tech giant but the design has been sighted. After the HTC Desire 20 Pro and HTC U20 5G phone, an HTC foldable phone may be in the works. However, it may be something that we may not get our hands-on, at least, not yet.

HTC is said to have submitted a design for an HTC foldable smartphone. It was only published in August 2020 as a patent in America at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). This HTC foldable display device could help the company but it will be one daring move.

Only a few brands have ventured into the foldable phone market. There’s Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola. There’s also the Chinese company Royole. An HTC foldable smartphone may be designed but to develop it is another thing. We’re not saying HTC can’t do it. Actually, it will really be interesting if the company comes up with an innovative solution and design.

Based on the document, HTC’s design shows a foldable device that is both a smartphone and a tablet. It comes with a hinge that can be opened completely or remain half-open.

LetsGoDigital created a set of image renders of the HTC foldable phone. We see something on both sides of the phone that we know refers to the hinge. It protrudes so the design isn’t as seamless but it could be for a good reason.

The phone seems able to be stretched outwards and not just inwards. The camera system on the back appears to be lined horizontally. The selfie camera is under a punch hole. Will this be something that HTC can turn into reality? Let’s wait and see.

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