HTC 5G phone, new HTC Vive rolling out this year

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HTC 5G phone HTC Vive GDC 2020

HTC may be making changes in how the business is run but it’s not giving up on the mobile business just yet. 2019 revenue was down by half compared to the previous year but the company will continue to release new phones. They may not be premium flagship phones but the next device could be powerful in terms of connectivity. HTC has recently confirmed that it’s launching a 5G phone that will hopefully improve sales and revenue. The brand has been thinking of different ways to increase sales in the past few years.

HTC executives are positive the company will come up with many development opportunities for this year. It will be introduced this 2020 and will join the other OEMs rolling out new 5G phones.

Aside from 5G phones, HTC is also expected to work on 5G-connected apps. The company will invest in virtual vision applications. No information has been provided but HTC’s first 5G phone may include Qualcomm processors.

For this year, HTC is also said to release high-end flagship devices. This may work well as telecoms are working to launch 5G network services in the country. There are improvements in the works like 5G being converted to a Wi-Fi connection signal method. There is a possibility 4G-connected smartphones can also access the 5G speed. There is no certainty but it could happen.

HTC is also set to focus more on augmented reality as the HTC VIVE series and HTC VIVE Cosmos are becoming more in demand. More apps and solutions may be introduced as soon as market application requirements are met. VR and AR applications need to be refined further.

HTC will go ahead with the launch of a new HTC Vive sometime in March in San Francisco, USA at the Game Developer Conference (GDC 2020). Let’s wait and see for the next Vive model. That and if the tech event won’t be canceled due to the virus outbreak.


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