How To Use Two Cameras At The Same Time on iPhone

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Nowadays, manufacturers are practically decorating the iPhone with cameras. For a long time, there was no need to use more than one at a time, but that’s quickly changing. With the introduction of the iPhone 11, you can now shoot a video with two cameras at the same time.

The iPhone 11 has an ultra-wide and telephoto lens coupled with an improved selfie cam. Using a filming app called ‘DoubleTake’ created by FiLMic Inc, your iPhone 11 can use both of these cameras simultaneously.

On your iPhone 11 series, XS, XS Max, or XR, download and install the DoubleTake app. After that, grant Camera, Microphone, and other permissions by tapping on each option that appears when you first open the app. Then tap Continue to move to the next step.

Choose Your Lenses

After enabling permissions, you’ll see a regular, single-camera view.

  1. On the bottom left of the app’s screen, tap the icon and pick your lenses.
  2. By default, any lens you mark as ‘A’ is your primary camera. This will fill most of your phone’s display. You can deselect the wide lens and choose another camera as ‘A’ by clicking on the same icon.
  3. After selecting ‘A,’ select another lens for camera ‘B.’ It’ll either be on the right side of the screen or appear overlapping the feed from camera ‘A.’
  4. Once you select the two cameras, you can now choose your desired frame rate. Select 24 FPS in the bottom right to choose between 24, 25, or 30 fps.
  5. Tap Confirm to see your dual-lens camera view.

After choosing your lenses, move to the next step.

Choose Your Shooting Mode

You’ll now have to choose your shooting mode. If you don’t do this and start recording right away, you’ll end up with two different videos. To avoid this from happening, select a shooting mode.

Discrete Mode

This is the default setting when you launch DoubleTake. With this mode, you’ll see camera B’s view as a small box overlapping camera A’s full view. This mode usually produces two separate video files, as if you filmed them separately.

Picture-In-Picture Mode

This mode looks identical to discrete mode, but the final product is what you see on your screen. Instead of recording two videos, you’ll get one video showing camera ‘A’ and camera ‘B’s’ window overlapping ‘A.’

Split Screen

The split-screen takes each camera feed and dedicates equal screen space to both cameras. Just like in the picture-in-picture, it produces only one video from both cameras. This can be useful when recording an interview because you can give the same amount of space to both the subject and the interviewer behind the camera.

Start Shooting Combined Videos

Once you have chosen the correct shooting mode for your needs, you can now start recording! Here are some tips to keep in mind while you’re filming.

  • Tap on the record button at the bottom of the app and stop recording by tapping on it again.
  • DoubleTake usually shoots with automatic focus; tapping on an area of the frame will shift your focus to that area.
  • You can change the setting for camera ‘A’ while recording in all shooting modes. You can only do this for camera ‘B’ in split-screen. In discrete and picture-in-picture modes, it is possible to expand camera ‘B’s’ window and focus in on it.

Export or Trash Clips

After filming, you might be wondering where DoubleTake saves your videos. The original footage will not be saved in your iPhone’s Photos app, but rather in the DoubleTake app itself.

  1. Select Save at the top left corner in DoubleTake to view your videos.
  2. Tap on any of your videos to watch them play. As the film is playing, the film roll icon saves your selected video to photos.
  3. Both the share and trash icon will appear. The share icon exports the video, while the trash icon deletes it.

Any video that you did not delete will remain in the filming app. Therefore, you should remove the videos after exporting them.

Wrapping Up

Filming with two camera lens views at the same time is quite an exciting experience, but you need an iPhone 11 series to enjoy this innovative filming technology. Using DoubleTree is especially useful in the era of Instagram reels, TikTok, and for conducting short-form video interviews.

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