How to Use Depth Control on the iPhone 15

Perhaps the most striking thing about Apple’s September 2023 Event was the huge shift in focus (pun intended) toward photography and videography. The iPhone 15 looks like it’ll be the most powerful device yet for taking amazing pictures, and Depth Control is one new feature that you can utilize.

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Using the Depth Control tool is quite simple, and today, you will learn how to do precisely that for amazing iPhone shots.

What Is Depth Control on the iPhone 15?

Depth Control is a tool that allows you to choose which aspects of your camera you want to be in focus. If you’ve ever taken pictures with a mirrorless camera before, you might have experienced something similar where you can tap and choose the focus area.

In addition to choosing which subject is in focus while taking your photo, however, the Depth Control tool can be used to decide on where you want to change the focus once the picture is in your Photos app.

How to Use Depth Control on the iPhone 15

To use the Depth Control tool, you have two options. The first is to tap on a subject in Portrait Mode when you’re taking your photo. The other subject that was previously in focus will then become out of focus.

But fear not if you’ve already taken your photo, because you can implement the same effect on pictures you’ve previously captured. Go to the image you want to edit and select Edit, before tapping the subject you want to be in focus.

A person in focus on the iPhone camera app
Credit: Apple/YouTube

You can also change the focal length and other settings, allowing you to create the optimal photo.

Change the focus in Depth Control on your iPhone
Credit: Apple/YouTube

Depth Control: A New Way to Make Your Photos Focused Exactly How You Want

Depth Control is an easy-to-use tool that will significantly improve your portrait photography game. You can use it for other genres as well, such as street and product photography. While you have the option to utilize the feature when actually taking your pictures, it’s also possible to adjust them later within the Photos app.

You can use Depth Control with other features on your iPhone, such as Auto Portrait Mode. These tools will be useful for both beginner photographers and seasoned professionals.

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