How to set up Microsoft Teams calls with 49-person view

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Microsoft Teams recently gained a new meeting experience. The new experience brings a large gallery view that shows up to 49 feeds at once, pops calls and meetings into separate windows, and adds together mode. It also moves meeting controls to the top of a meeting screen, moves Meeting notes into the Meeting notes tab in the main Teams window, and adds support for Focus mode. Overall, the new experience makes it easier to organize your calls and get work done while also using video calls and meetings in Teams. For many people, the best new feature is a large gallery view, which allows more people to appear in a meeting at once.

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How to enable the new experience for Microsoft Teams

The new experience is rolling out gradually, so you might not see it yet. If you’re running a version of Teams that supports it, here’s how to enable it.

  1. Open Settings in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Open General within Settings.
  3. Select Turn on new meeting experience.

    Teams New Meeeting Experience Circle

    Source: Windows Central

  4. Restart Teams by right clicking its icon and selecting Quit.
  5. Start Teams as normal.

How to enable large gallery view

This feature is rolling out gradually, so you might not see it yet. If you do have the option for large gallery view, you can see up to 49 streams within a single meeting. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Select More options (…) within a call.
  2. Select Large gallery.

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