How to see Mixer comments while you stream

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When it comes to the world of streaming, one of the most critical things a streamer can do is interact with their audience. Whether it’s five people or 500, anyone watching is important, and keeping your community alive and growing is the most significant thing when it comes to growing as a streamer.

However, tracking the chat might be tough to do while playing through a game, but thankfully there are tons of options for you to take advantage of to make sure you never miss a comment. We’ll look at two main methods below, each one dealing with a different streaming scenario that you might find yourself in.

Other methods for monitoring comments

While the above two methods are likely the most simple and best way for streamers with different setups to access their chat, there are, of course, other options out there. Reading the conversation on your phone is an option hat some streamers can utilize and requires simply opening up your stream in the Mixer app and popping out the chat.

There’s also a handful of third party chat widgets that are available, with the biggest one for Mixer being Scorpbot. Scorpbot enables users to customize a ton of different options about your stream but also features chat relay support to allow streamers to help keep track of their chat. No matter which method you choose, it’s important to always take a look at the chat, and make sure that everyone feels engaged while checking out what you have to offer.

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