How to get the Silent Night event apparel in The Division 2

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As part of Title Update 6.1, Ubisoft has launched a new seasonal event in The Division 2. Situation: Snowball, begins on December 10 and runs through to December 31 and as part of it, there’s new gear to be acquired through the Silent Night apparel event.

As always, agents can expect a series of yellow, purple and blue cosmetic items to acquire accompanied by weapon skins and emotes. Here’s how you get your hands on them.

How to get the Silent Night apparel items

Anyone familiar with previous apparel events likely understands the process, as there’s nothing radically different about this one. The items are extracted from special event apparel caches, which can be unlocked either with keys or with premium credits.

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If you’re buying, each cache costs 100 credits, and it’s obviously the easiest if the most expensive way to get your hands on the items. Credit bundles start at $5 for 500, which is enough for five caches.

The easy way

The Division 2 Premium Credits

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The easiest way to acquire the event apparel is to buy the caches, but you’ll need premium credits first.

All cache unlocks are guaranteed to have no duplicates, so if you are spending real money on the items at least you know you’re going to get something different every time.

If you’d rather not pay real money or simply like the challenge of earning rewards, then you’re covered. Here’s the breakdown of how many keys you can earn from completing various activities:

  • Guaranteed key with every three Field Proficiencies.
  • Guaranteed key with every five Dark Zone Proficiencies.
  • Weekly Apparel Projects reward three keys.
  • Gifting Apparel Event Keys is now possible.

Even though there’s still some grind to undergo to avoid spending real money on the items, this time around Ubisoft has at least confirmed the drop rate for the keys ahead of time. Levelling up field proficiency isn’t the most time consuming thing in the world, so there’s plenty to be had fairly easily.

Additionally, all players who login during the event will be gifted one free apparel cache key, with year one pass owners getting three more on top.

Following the previous apparel event, Ubisoft changed how the apparel cache system worked and items from it were not added to the general pool. Right now it’d be safe to assume the same applies to Silent Night, so if you want the items make sure to get your hands on them before December 31.

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