How to get into The Division 2’s latest classified assignments

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With the drop of Episode 3 for The Division 2, year one pass holders get another pair of classified assignments to take one with more collectibles to find and more backpack charms to acquire.

As usual, the first order of business is to find the entrance to each of the missions within the purple circle shown on the map. To save you a little time, below, you’ll find exactly where to go.

Tens Nightclub

The first of the two classified assignments is Tens Nightclub, where you’ll be heading inside to disrupt the Hyenas Spice operations and take care of “The Chemist.” Of the two locations, this is undoubtedly easier to stumble upon.

When you approach the area, the majority of the purple circle will be focused on a block of building on the map.

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To find the entrance, head to the location on the map above, on New York Avenue NW in Downtown East. You may trigger a territory control as you approach, but the entrance is pretty easy to spot. Look for the Tens signage, and you’ll be golden.
The backpack charm reward for this classified assignment is a burger, and there are five audio log collectibles to find, too.

Central Detention Center

This one’s a little trickier to find. The second classified assignment takes you inside a True Sons controlled detention center to liberate civilian prisoners.

When you approach the area in downtown west, you need to head to the very top of the map. You’re looking for an underground entrance, highlighted in the images below.

Once you find the open manhole cover, go down the ladder, start heading into the sewers, and you’ll see the entrance to the classified assignment immediately on your left.

As a bonus, there’s also a faction key box right outside.

The backpack charm reward for this classified assignment is a little box of fries, and there are four audio log collectibles to find, too.

And that’s all there is to it. Neither are overly troublesome to find or complete, though you’ll undoubtedly find yourself circling back a few times to ensure you get all the items!

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