How to download Synology’s DSM 7.0 update right now on your NAS

Synology is set to release DiskStation Manager 7.0 on June 29, but the company has already made the release candidate (RC) available for testing. If you don’t want to wait for the official release date, you can install the update on your NAS and see how the upcoming update compares to DSM 6.

As with all pre-release software downloads, we don’t recommend you deploy the DSM 7.0 RC to a live NAS or one that has data you haven’t yet backed up. It’s still considered in-production and there could be a fatal flaw that Synology has yet to fix ahead of the public release.

Synology DSM 7.0: New features

The largest improvement to DSM is the UI refresh. Much like Microsoft and Windows 11, Synology has revamped parts of the NAS OS to match the decade we’re now in. With DSM 7.0, it’s easier than ever before to set up Plex on a Synology NAS. The OS looks far more slick and modern

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DSM 6 wasn’t ugly by any stretch, but it was starting to show its age, especially as Synology competitors worked to improve their own OS solutions. The login system has been completely revamped, allowing you to enter a username and use a third-party authenticator to log in. In the world of two-factor authentication, this is a fantastic improvement, and it even works with FIDO2.

There are countless other changes and improvements, which I’ve covered in our Synology DSM 7.0 update hub.

Synology DSM 7.0: How to install

I’m going to reiterate our warning. Please do not install the DSM 7.0 RC on a live NAS you are currently using unless you’re okay with it potentially breaking something.

The NAS will then run through the installation process and will reboot. Sit back, relax, and read through the list of new features in the meantime.

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