How to choose the right TerraMaster NAS for you

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So you’ve decided that TerraMaster is the way to go, but which model do you pick? Luckily, it’s easy to choose the right network-attached storage (NAS) for you by taking into account pricing and what you plan to do with the NAS. In this guide, we’ll run through some models to help provide an idea of what to expect at various price ranges.

Breaking down the numbers

TerraMaster uses model numbers to differentiate its catalog of servers. The F range prefix is always present for NAS, unless it’s for a server rack, then it has a U. For most homeowners and office applications, F models are perfectly fine. Immediately after the F (or U) prefix is the number of drive bays. Numbers after a dash are tied to the generation of the server. For instance, the F2-220 has two bays and is older than the almost identical F2-221.

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Comparing models

Here’s a comparison table with a few of the latest models from TerraMaster.
The more affordable models like the F-221, F4-221, and F2-420 will not be excellent choices for Plex 4K video transcoding. They can technically do it, but you’ll encounter stuttering, especially if another person uses the NAS. More pricey options with slightly better processors are required. TerraMaster doesn’t really focus on Plex support for launching models.

For TerraMaster NAS, you should take into account the number of bays and then pick the latest model. Unless stated otherwise, NAS listings usually do not come with hard drives. So you’ll need to factor purchasing these into the final price. We’ve got a few guides available on choosing the best hard drives for a NAS.

Affordable NAS

TerraMaster F2-221

TerraMaster takes on Synology’s best-seller

The relatively small brand within the NAS sphere is looking to capture more of the market from its rivals, and the F2-221 does more things right than wrong. It is an excellent, value-driven NAS that allows you to set up your own home media server.

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