How to beat the first evoker boss in Minecraft Dungeons

There are many different kinds of bosses in Minecraft Dungeons, each with their own special attacks and abilities. You’ll need to have a strategy for every one to progress further. The first boss in Minecraft Dungeons is a menacing evoker, and if you’re not careful it can quickly put an end to your adventures in the game. Here’s everything you need to know to survive his onslaught and take him down.

How can I defeat the first boss in Minecraft Dungeons?

The first boss you come across in Minecraft Dungeons isn’t going to be one of the game’s several main bosses, like the Arch-Illager, but rather a mini-boss. These are bosses you might fight multiple times throughout your game, and are often used to split levels and inject additional obstacles in the player’s path.

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In the Pumpkin Pastures area (the third area you’ll tackle), you’ll need to beat two evokers, an illager-type hostile mob that can summon minions and use powerful magic. The first evoker is a sample, to get you used to the mob’s attack patterns before you face the larger, far stronger evoker later on. Take advantage of the first evoker to get a feel for how this mob attacks.

Evokers have a primary pincer-style attack that it summons from the ground. These pincers entrap you in their teeth and crush you, dealing devastating amounts of damage. As you can see in the images above, an evoker can employ these pincer traps in two ways: either in a direct frontal attack aimed straight towards you, or in a circle formation surrounding the evoker. This attack needs to be avoided at all costs, as it can instantly turn the tide of battle against you.

The first frontal attack is the move evokers will rely on the most. They use it whenever you’re in range, and sometimes will spam it if they’re trying to chase you down. The second circular attack is used when an evoker feels threatened, like if you’re approaching it. Both attacks are very strong, and will knock significant chunks out of your health. For this reason, it’s best to stay out of range and use your bow instead.

The evokers’ second attack is to summon flying minions that will track you down and swarm you. These minions have negligible amounts of health, and don’t deal a ton of damage, but they can quickly overwhelm you and will try to pin you down. In this way, they assist the evoker in landing a brutal pincer attack. The minions shouldn’t be the main priority for you, since evokers can keep summoning them, but don’t let them build up either.

Once you understand how the evoker attacks, use these strategies to defeat them:

  • Stay out of range whenever possible. Fighting an evoker with melee attacks is difficult, since they lean heavily on their crippling pincer attack whenever you’re close. The attack is far harder to predict and evade when you’re right on top of them, so it’s best to keep your distance.
  • Use the dash button carefully. The dash button is a useful tool for any Dungeons explorer, but with the evoker launching multiple powerful attacks at you, it’s best to reserve your dash button for when you quickly need to jump out of the way of those pincers.
  • Don’t let minions build up. Evokers will use their minions to chip away at your health and keep you pinned in place, so use decisive melee attacks to quickly deal with minions when they get near.
  • Use charged bow shots on the evoker. Evokers can dish out a lot of damage, but their health isn’t astounding. Use charged bow shots every time you see an opening to deal damage to evokers without endangering yourself.
  • Artifacts are always useful. Artifacts can provide a boost at a pivotal moment, or deal a large amount of damage just when you need it. Don’t forget you have them, and use them liberally.
  • Don’t be hesitant to retreat. Evokers can’t move very fast, so if you do get snagged by one of their pincer attacks, make sure to back off a safe distance to use a potion and regain your footing. One mistake can throw off your flow, and make the battle more grueling.

The first of many

As long as you follow this guide, the evoker won’t have a chance. Their ranged capabilities are limited, other than weak minions that are more of a nuisance as long as you don’t let a bunch of them accumulate. Their trap-like pincers they can summon are the real threat, making your dash ability and bow your best friends. Stay mobile, stay out of range, and make sure you have some spare arrows. I’m sure you’ll evoke feelings of despair in any evoker.

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