How soon can you expect Android 14 for your Galaxy device?

Google is about to formally unwrap its next big Android OS update. Tomorrow, at Google I/O, the company will unveil Android 14. And as Samsung fans already know, the Korean tech giant will use Android 14 as the foundation for its upcoming One UI 6.0 update.

Google has already launched a beta program for Android 14, and the OS is nearing its public debut. But what about Samsung’s One UI 6.0 firmware? When can you expect your Galaxy device to get Android 14?

One UI 6.0 could be released by the end of the year

Although Samsung hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the availability of One UI 6.0, we can look at the 2022 timeline for One UI 5.0 to get an idea of how things could develop in 2023.

First, Samsung could announce a limited-reach One UI 6.0 beta program, and Galaxy S23 flagship series owners in select markets will be the first to get an invite. Samsung could announce its Android 14-based beta program in August and make it available the same month or in September.

Samsung will likely release a handful of beta builds for the Galaxy S23 series over a period of a few weeks. As a reminder, the Galaxy S22 went through five One UI 5.0 beta builds before the stable version was ready for the masses.

At the same time the company tinkers with One UI 6.0 bet for the S23 series, Samsung may add more devices to its beta program, including foldable phones, the Galaxy S22 series, and possibly even the Galaxy A53, given that the A52 was invited to One UI 5.0 beta testing near the end of September 2022.

Finally, if the beta development of One UI 6.0 is going to look anything like One UI 5.0 did last year, Samsung may conclude its testing period and roll out the first public Android 14 update for the Galaxy S23 flagship series in October 2023. The Galaxy S22 may get the public One UI 6.0 update in November, and other devices that will have participated in the Android 14 beta program could receive the public update before the end of the year.

In short, the first Android 14-based One UI 6.0 beta update could debut in August or September. Then, the stable update may go live in October and continue to expand to more Galaxy devices throughout the remainder of the year and into early 2024. But keep in mind that nothing is set in stone as of now, and timeframes are never certain when it comes to unreleased, untested software.

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