How much will Xbox Series X cost?

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Best answer: Microsoft hasn’t indicated Xbox Series X pricing ahead of its slated 2020 release. However, as a next-generation console targeting up to 8K resolution gaming, it won’t be cheap.

What to expect from Xbox Series X

Microsoft is gearing up for Xbox Series X, its future-facing, next-generation games console dropping next year. The reveal set a high bar with its performance promises, on track to deliver a significant leap in graphical fidelity while targeting 8K and 4K at 120Hz.

The Xbox Series X pitch targets gaming enthusiasts, between its top-tier hardware and resulting outputs. The latest AMD hardware lies at the core, stowing AMD Zen 2 CPU and Navi GPU technologies for four times the processing power of Xbox One X. High-bandwidth GGDR6 RAM and a proprietary solid-state drive (SSD) complete the package, signaling a formidable powerhouse, but not without cost.

Microsoft stopped short of discussing Xbox Series X pricing at E3 2019 or The Game Awards 2019, only just nailing down its final hardware configuration and retail value. Although specific details are scarce, the foundations could support a powerful platform, likely straying from a budget-friendly price.

How much is the Xbox Series X price?

Microsoft is yet to commit to a price for Xbox Series X but set your expectations prior to a formal announcement. As a cutting-edge device filled with powerful specs, the final console could be costly.

Given Xbox One introductory pricing, it’s clear where Xbox Series X estimates should fall. The original Xbox One debuted in 2013 at a $499 retail price (although bundled with the ill-fated Kinect), and the 4K-driven Xbox One X matched this in 2017. Microsoft’s next Xbox endeavor could fall into a similar ballpark if the market allows, or may push higher to support that hardware.

Like past consoles, Microsoft must deliver a balance of performance against relative affordability in 2020. Xbox Series X strives to achieve leading visuals worth of flagship status, but simply can’t rival $2,000 PC setups for an appeal to the broader market. That balancing act remains core to the Series X ambitions, and the broader Xbox platform, over the year ahead.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X remains the frontrunner in this console market, serving up 4K gaming across hundreds of titles. Its price is lower than ever as Series X looms ahead and remains the recommended console in 2019.

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