How many Temtem can you catch?

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Best Answer: There are currently 86 Temtem species in the game, but the Tempedia has room for 141 entries. The game is currently in early access, so additional Temtem will likely be added as time goes on.

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What is Temtem?

Temtem is a creature collection MMO that was heavily inspired by Pokémon. In fact, anyone familiar with the Pokémon franchise will find many of the mechanics and storyline familiar. You race around an archipelago collecting Temtem and defeating Dojo leaders to become the ultimate Temtem tamer. However, Temtem puts enough of a unique spin on creature collecting to make this game feel fresh and different.

The game’s Tempedia (Pokédex) has slots for 141 Temtem, however only 86 are currently in the game. Considering that Temtem is still in early access, it’s likely that we won’t see all 141 creatures until the game officially launches. As with Pokémon, the game starts by allowing players to choose between one of three starters. You then use Temcard to capture wild Temtem and add them to your team.

What’s the type system?

As with Pokémon, combat in Temtem centers on a type system. Every type is weak against some types and strong against other types. For instance, a Water Temtem is weak against Nature Temtem but strong against Fire Temtem.

While these types are similar to what you’d find in Game Freak’s popular franchise, they are a little different. There are currently 12 types of Temtem. Some monsters are only one type, while others can be dual types. Here all the types found in the game:

  • Neutral
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Earth
  • Mental
  • Wind
  • Digital
  • Melee
  • Crystal
  • Toxic

Instead of throwing out one Temtem in battle, you always send two into combat. When paired with an ally of the right type, some Temtem unlock potent attacks. This means that you need to strategize and figure out which Temtem best work together if you intend to make it far on your journey. It requires a bit more thinking than Pokémon, but the challenge makes combat more fun.

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Become the greatest Temtem tamer

Travel around a sunny Archipelago as you capture Temtem and challenge the eight Dojo masters. If you like Pokémon, this game will feel very familiar to you.

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