How long is Microsoft Surface Earbuds battery life?

Best answer: Microsoft Surface Earbuds promise 8-hour battery life, with up to 24 hours of playback via the included charging case.

How long does Surface Earbuds battery last?

Microsoft claims the Surface Earbuds deliver up to eight hours of continuous playback on a single charge, providing juice for most lengthy listening sessions. The included charge case bumps this to 24 hours of claimed battery life across an additional two full charges. That’s enough to last the day without battery worries or cover the week with intermittent use.

Like most truly wireless earbuds, the Surface Earbuds are designed for storage via the sleek carry case, passively charging the buds. The box charges over USB Type-C, though it lacks any form of wireless charging, as implemented by Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and other rivals.

Why Surface Earbuds could be for you

Surface Earbuds bring the first truly wireless earbuds to its in-house product line, positioned as a hassle-free accompaniment to mobile and PC. While a suite of productivity features differentiates the earbuds from competitors, Microsoft pitches them as a daily accessory for media consumption, communication, to improving workflow. Backed by “all-day” comfort and battery life, they’re shaping up as a new entry in the audio space.

Beyond tangle-free audio playback, Surface Earbuds pack engrained experiences for improved ease of use and focus. The distinct cyclical design serves as a capacitive plain for touch gestures, eliminating the need to use your device for simple interactions. Swipes can play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume, with a command to open Spotify on Android. The earbuds also promise AI-enhanced features, including real-time voice transcription for Office, email management, and translation for over 60 languages.

Surface Earbuds are on track to launch “later this year,” expected to debut at $249 in the U.S. Microsoft is yet to kick off preorders, although buyers can register interest to be notified once sales commence.

Earbuds For Work and Play

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Crystal-clear audio meets productivity.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds bring the first truly wireless earbuds to the premium product lineup, promising comfortable, hassle-free listening on mobile and PC. They ship this holiday, packed with touch controls and AI-enhanced voice features.

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