Honor’s PocketVision app has tools for the visually impaired

As we’ve seen over the years, visual impairment should not be an impediment to using technology. Some of the top tech companies have come up with devices, tools, and features to help them navigate everyday life as well as to explore what technology can bring. Honor is now bringing an AI-powered app called PocketVision to help those with visual impairments be able to do things like reading documents, navigate an unfamiliar place, use the Honor 20’s camera to bring more clarity, etc.

According to GSM Arena, the app is powered by artificial intelligence and if you have any of the Honor 20-series smartphones, its camera can realize the app’s full potential. PocketVision has three modes that you can choose from Text-to-Speech, Zoom-In, and Negative Image modes. You can use the app with any Honor smartphone but of course, it will work best if you use any of the Honor 20 devices.

The first one is called Text-to-Speech mode and from the name itself, it’s easy to understand what it can do. Just point your phone’s camera at a text, whether it’s a menu, a street sign, or a document, and it will read it out loud to you. Currently, it supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and German. It uses the HiAI platform as well as OCR that converts pictures into text.

The next mode is called Zoom-In and if you’re using the Honor 20 series, then you’ll be able to utilize its 48mp main camera as well as its 8MP telephoto lens. The app will use it to zoom in on the text when you use its volume buttons to zoom in or out. This is especially useful when you are still able to read documents but some have too small a font or maybe too illegible to be read by someone with a visual impairment.

The third mode is Negative Image Mode and you will get color filter options that you can use to increase or improve the contrast of the text, therefore enhancing the image. Sometimes to aid you in your reading of documents, signs, menus, etc, all you need is different or enhanced contrast. PocketVision is now available in Huawei’s App Gallery.

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