Honor may be added to the US’ Entity List too after Huawei

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Huawei Honor Brand

Huawei is already out of the equation. Well, not really but at least out of the top five mobile rankings. But it seems some people in the US government are not yet happy that they want to also remove Honor out of the picture. Honor is no longer owned by the Chinese OEM but the US Commerce Department may include it to the Entity List soon. This is to prevent the new brand owners to access US technologies as well.

Huawei was so powerful a few years ago that it was poised to take over Samsung. But then the Trump administration did everything to block the brand from getting into the US. A lot has happened and many other business have been affected. Huawei has soon slipped out of the top five phone companies in the world.

Huawei had to sell off Honor. Honor is now a separate company but it could be placed under the US Entity List. Honor phones under a new parent company has already released new phones and made deals with other big names like Google and Qualcomm.

The US Commerce Department may soon add Honor to the list as that is what some Republican US lawmakers want. Fourteen Republican politicians noted in a letter that Hono was sold “in an effort to evade US export control policies meant to keep US technology and software out of the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)”.

With this development and even with the new owners, Honor could experience what Huawei experienced—to be banned and stripped of its powers and connections. It seems there is no end to this issue. And yes, we think after Honor, these government officials will go after other Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi.

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