Honor Magic Earbuds have active noise cancellation

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If you’re using an Android smartphone but you want to have something like the Apple AirPods, you won’t run out of similar truly wireless earbuds. Probably one of the best “clones” that are out there, or will soon be out there, are the Honor Magic Earbuds, from one of Huawei’s subsidiary companies. Aside from the fact that it will be a lot of cheaper than a pair of AirPods, one advantage it has over the Apple accessory is that it even has active noise cancellation.

Compared to the AirPods and even the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy Buds+, the Honor Magic Earbuds have that much in-demand Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that a lot of people want their audio accessories to have. It actually has triple-microphone noise cancellation in each earbud and they use (micro-electrical-mechanical system or MEMS silicon microphones so you can have voice call noise cancellations as well.

While the Honor Magic Earbuds can be used with other Android devices, there are some features that will only work if your connected device is a Huawei or Honor smartphone. For example, you will have automatic earphone detection and rapid pairing through Bluetooth. You will also get intelligent wearing detection which will automatically adapt when you’re wearing the earbuds and pause what you’re listening to based on status.

The earbuds will give you 3 hours of voice calls and 3.5 hours of music playback on a single charge. But the charging case, which supports USB-C of course, will give you an additional 12 hours of calls and 13 hours of music playback when you use your charging case. The advantage of course to these earbuds is that you get a great-looking device at a much affordable price that the popular AirPods. And don’t forget, you even have active noise cancellation to boot.

So far, we only have a Europe-based price for the Honor Magic Earbuds which is 129 Euros. So if converted, that should be around $150. We’ll know more about it when there will be a unit for review soon.


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