Honor 50 Series colors, dual ring camera design teased

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Honor 50 Series Teaser June 2021 A

The Honor 50 series is almost ready. We have been seeing a number of teasers and leaks for several months. It’s only a matter of time before Honor, Huawei’s old sub-brand, makes an official announcement. Several details have been leaked ahead of product launch. The smartphone series was actually said to arrive in May but that didn’t happen. Now we’re looking forward to Honor finally using Google services on future smartphones. That dual ring camera design is also something to be excited about.

A new teaser has surfaced which tells us who will be the next spokesperson for the Honor 50. Chinese actor Gong Jun was tapped to promote the new Honor 50. Several new images have surfaced, showing us the Honor 50 series in four colors.

The Honor 50 series is set to be released in four colors. The design will very much remind you of the Huawei P50 series that was recently announced. That’s not really surprising because last year, Honor was still part of Huawei.

The newest flagship series will be introduced later this June. It will showcase a double-circle camera at the back–just like the Huawei P50. We’re expecting the Honor 50 will be sold in the United States unlike the Huawei P50.

Huawei won’t be able to do business again in the United States, but at least, Honor will and can. Technically, Honor is no longer part of Huawei but there is still that familiar tie. But then the Honor group once said it’s determined to rival Huawei and Apple sans the US restrictions.

Honor 50 series will come in four colors. We see black, green, silver, and a pink gradient. We have no idea about the official color names but the images show them. We see a large ring camera module design. The body shows a gradual light pattern.

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