Home Up gets new layouts, split screen button

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Good Lock modules have been pretty useful to a lot of Samsung users, especially those who love customizing their devices and user interface. Task Changer was one of the more popular ones but it eventually became part of the Home Up module this year. Some features did not make the initial transition but the latest update to the module is now bringing some of those missing features which include some of the layout options from Task Changer and a split screen button.

The Home Up module offers several layout options already like List, Grid, and Stack. But with the latest update, they’re bringing over two more, which came from the Task Changer module. SAM Mobile says that you can now find a Vertical List and a Slim List layout option. Both of them also come with a Circular List toggle that changes the way apps scroll on the recent apps screen.

You also get a Mini mode for the List, Grid, and Stack layouts. This decreases the size of the app previews in the recent apps when you enable the Mini mode. This should make scrolling through your phone on one hand easier. A lot of user interfaces are now adapting to one-hand users as this seems to be the most common way of interacting with the big screened smartphones right now.

Another new feature that comes with the Home Up update is a quick launch button for split screen within the recent apps screen. When you tap the icon, the first app will go to the upper-half of the screen, giving you a split screen mode with the list of apps shown in the lower-half of the display. Split screen displays makes it easier for multi-taskers or for those who don’t want to keep switching screens.

You have to upgrade to Home Up version to be able to see all these new features. It is worth noting though that Good Lock modules are still region-locked so it’s not available everywhere.

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