Holding out for the perfect 4K monitor deal? This just might be it.

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A bunch of great monitors have come our way this Cyber Monday, but if you’ve been holding out for the perfect combination of 4K resolution, curve, and 32-inch screen, Samsung’s UR59C was probably worth the wait. It has the specs to make a solid gaming monitor, but it also has the size to make productivity a breeze. Best part? It’s $100 off while Cyber Monday sales last.

Samsung doesn’t mess around with its displays, and just about any you pick is going to make for a great viewing experience. But we’re only talking about the 32-inch UR59C (don’t ask about monitor naming schemes), which has a 1500R curve, almost no bezel, and a 4K resolution. Its 4ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate make it suitable for gaming, though it doesn’t have NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync for less screen tearing.

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It does deliver excellent color and contrast, as well as brightness up to about 250 nits. Built-in UHD upscaling helps with FHD and QHD content, and game mode will give you better contrast and color for increased visibility. The panel has wide viewing angles if you’re often collaborating, and the stand allows for tilt. Connect with HDMI, and enjoy a fabric back to the monitor that adds some style in an otherwise austere environment.

This is a sleek monitor that checks a ton of boxes, and it’s enjoying a $100 discount while Cyber Monday sales last. If you’ve been holding out for just the right 4K screen, definitely give this one a second look.

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