HMD Odyssey+ price halved months ahead of Half-Life: Alyx release

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Samsung has quietly phased out the Gear VR by not making the Galaxy Note 10 compatible with it, and the Galaxy S20 series is unlikely to change this. However, Samsung offers other VR solutions too, and its Windows Mixed Reality headset, the HMD Odyssey+, is now available at a hefty discount.Samsung has slashed the HMD Odyssey+’ price tag almost in half. The device is now available for 54% off the original price, or just for $229, down from $499. This effectively makes the HMD Odyssey+ the cheapest VR solution on the market (not counting solutions that require a smartphone). It’s even cheaper than the PlayStation VR, which usually sells for around $299 and is generally considered to be one of the cheapest ways to get into VR.HMD Odyssey+ is now the cheapest VR solution for Half-Life: AlyxThe Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is a Windows Mixed Reality headset, meaning that it has to be connected to a computer in order to function. For this reason, it can play Steam VR games, which means that it should also work with the upcoming Valve title, Half-Life: Alyx. It’s one of the most – if not the most- highly-anticipated VR titles and it will be coming in March.It’s almost as if Samsung is aware of how big of a deal Half-Life: Alyx is for some gamers, and how big of a selling point it could become for VR headsets worldwide. Offering a great discount on the HMD Odyssey+ at this time could get a lot of VR newcomers on board with Samsung’s solution. They might stick around long after they’ll be done with the next Half-Life installment and they could continue supporting the platform through VIVEPORT subscriptions and other means.

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