Hit Cyber Monday hard with 20% off warehouse deals at Amazon UK

The final day of the big shopping event is here, and Cyber Monday in the UK is kicking off with another doorbuster from Amazon. Until the end of the event you can get 20% off a wide range of Amazon Warehouse products making for some top deals.

Better yet, in some cases you’ll be able to take advantage of already reduced pricing on new prices to drop your Warehouse Deal even further. For example, the Huawei P30 Pro has already been reduced for Cyber Monday, pushing a warehouse deal price down to £588. Take another 20% off and you’re left paying £471 for one of the best Android phones on the market just because it’s got damaged packaging.

Or how about an Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 40mm for £314 thanks to the 20% discount? Not too shabby, right?!

Not everything is reduced, but it’s fairly easy to identify before you take the plunge. Simply search through Amazon’s Warehouse portal for items you’d like to buy, and when you’re presented with the Warehouse Deals options under “new and used” you’ll see 20% off under prices that will be discounted at checkout. The biggest drawback is that these are individual items, so once they’re gone, they really are gone. So don’t sleep on a good deal!

I use Amazon Warehouse all the time and have never been disappointed with the products. The descriptions are accurate, and in most cases there are great savings to be had just for getting something with a tatty box!

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