Here’s what’s new on Samsung TV Plus video streaming service

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Samsung TV Plus is Samsung’s free linear TV service that comes pre-installed on its smart TVs. The video streaming service has a collection of over 518 channels around the world and over 120 channels in the US. It has channels across various genres, including documentaries, entertainment, health, lifestyle, sports, and more.If you didn’t know what Samsung TV Plus is, the company has published a detailed infographic that explains the video streaming service in an easy way. The South Korean tech giant launched its own video streaming service in 2015 in South Korea, and it has been growing ever since. Samsung TV Plus is now available in 11 countries, and it is entirely free of charge. Users don’t even need to register themselves. It just works out of the box.Close to 50 million TVs in the world now have access to Samsung TV Plus. The number of channels varies in each country, as it depends on the company’s partnerships with media brands and TV channels in the region. The company’s new TVs also feature Apple Music, where you can listen to over 60 million songs.In the US, some of the popular channels available on Samsung TV Plus include Bon Appetite, CBS News, Kitchen Nightmares, The Movie Hub, and Vevo Pop. In Europe, people have access to Deluxe Lounge HD, Euronews, Fashion TV, Insight TV, Masters Of Food, and various movie channels from Rakuten.What’s new on Samsung TV Plus in the US?If you are in the US and thinking of watching something interesting amid this COVID-19 lockdown, Samsung is listing some new and noteworthy videos. You can tune into CoronavirusNOW, which shows up to date news around the pandemic and interviews with health officials. PlayersTV lets you access to unique videos that are a fusion of sports and lifestyle.If you are a motorsports enthusiast, you should watch MAVTV Select, which has content from Late Model Dirt, NASCAR’s ARCA Racing Series, Pro Motocross, Pro Pulling, and much more. It also features shows around custom cars and garage build shows. The Movie Hub channel has a vast collection of movies from Hollywood and more.There are reality TV shows channels like Deal or No Deal, crime/detective shows channels like ION Plus, and pop culture channels like The Bob Ross Channel that offer a lot of binge-worthy content. For kids, there are channels like Cocoro, Moonbug, Qubo, TG Junior, Toon Goggles, TV, Watch, and ZooMoo.
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